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School of Legal Education is a unique initiative aimed to bring the knowledge of Indian legal system at the doorstep of every person. SOLE is a user-friendly online coaching institute with its exclusive focus on everything legal in India, including all the popular law subjects, technical articles for thesis & research, current affairs (blog) and more. SOLE encourages e-learning and is designed in such a way so as to provide best specialized support to its learners at an affordable fee without undergoing a usual burdensome and prolonged law program. We offer practice quizzes, educational videos, customized course e-books and a personalized learning dashboard to enable the learners to learn at their own pace inside and outside the classroom.

 All the online courses and e-books have been designed and drafted by our in-house team of legal experts. The courses are concise, straight forward, easy to understand and are followed by Certificates. Every course is concluded within maximum one month of time and learners are given the opportunity to undertake a self-evaluation test (optional) also. Right Law the Right Way is our moto and we sincerely stand by it to ensure its accomplishment.

      1. School of Legal Education is a one click guide to all law. Our target audience benefitting from our services is extremely broad and includes law students, teachers, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, businesses and more. Not every time it is possible to enroll in a law college to get legally aware. We make legal simple and accessible. Some sure short advantages of choosing us are


      • Legal Simplified- Law at times can be too complicated and technical. We teach the same course in more interesting, absorbing and easier manner through our customized lectures and literature.
      • Accessibility and reach- Bringing legal learning in the virtual space widens accessibility and scope. Be it a housewife or a lawyer or a student, everyone can avail the classes at their own suitable time and requirements.
      • The Lectures can be taken any number of times.
      • The Learner can learn at his own pace and convenience.
      • Affordability- We ensure that the learner doesn’t spend big bucks for getting legally aware.
      • The Crash courses ensures that the learner learns more in less time.
      • Effective and everlasting
    1. Buy a Course
    2. Learner shall be provided with an e-book of the course and company brochure. Learner shall be given access to his personal dashboard up to the duration of the course.
    3. Online audio-visual lectures shall be uploaded on learner’s dashboard according to time table. Learner can access these at his convenience.
    4. One special guest lecture by a prominent legal personality will be held for every course.
    5. Upon completion of the course, the user may undertake a self- evaluation test (MCQ). This is optional.
    6. A SOLE Certificate shall be awarded to each learner upon completion of the course. Internships may also be given to prospective students (upon application). *Conditions Apply
    1. The main objective of SOLE is to provide law enthusiasts, be it lawyers or students immediate access to various laws practiced in Indian Courts. For students SOLE provides additional assistance in clearing complicated legal concepts that they learn in Law colleges and for lawyers, it provides easy access to diverse legal provisions which may or may always be on their fingertips. School of Legal Education is a one click guide to all law in India.
    1. Upon purchasing any course, the leaner will be given access to the following materials:
      • Access to a personalized dashboard
      • Class-wise audio-visual online lectures
      • Customized Course E-book
      • Guest Lecture from a prominent personality
      • Self-Evaluation Quiz
      • Unlimited Question-Answer sessions
      • Certificate
      • Internship (conditions apply*)
    1. We attempt to target the following audience base-
      • Law students
      • Students undertaking any other program with interest in law (such as Company Secretary, Chartered Accountants, Masters of Business Administration, Graduates etc.)
      • Lawyers wanting to pioneer in a different field of law
      • Other Law Practitioners
    1. Since we offer crash courses, the duration of main law courses will be for one month and that of special courses will be of fifteen days.
    1. We endeavor to provide you with guest lectures for every course. However, the same is subject to the availability of the guests and no specified time is
    1. Indian law is taught under M/s School of Legal Education.
    1. In order to optimize the leaner experience, every user must read the Course E-book which is made downloadable simultaneously with the Online Lectures. The E-books are specially designed in such a way so as to focus on the main topics in every subject including landmark caselaws and examples. The user must from time to time address their queries pertaining to the subject liberally. It is advised that every leaner undertakes the MCQ quiz so as to evaluate their understanding.
    1. Once the query is addressed on the dashboard, the expert will as soon as possible (within 24 to 48 hours) try to resolve the same by providing a suitable explanation.
    1. School of Legal Education is neither a university nor college. It is an online legal tutorial which aims to assist law students and lawyers in better understanding of the subject by providing easy explanations and focusing on basics of every course.
    1. The Certificate with reach the leaner in the last week of the completion of Course or Special Course via email. Every user will be given a SOLE Certificate irrespective of the fact whether they have undertaken the quiz or not.
    1. No, quizzes are only available for the Courses.
    1. No, Quizzes are totally optional. The object behind providing such quizzes is to enable the user to self evaluate their ability to understand the courses.